HOC is operated with the support of various people in Japan and overseas. Let us introduce you to our supporters.


Hitomi Tomioka/ Masafumi Sakamoto
(Aichi, Japan: NPO KAKEHASHI)

We run a children's cafeteria every month. We use this space to give presentations about HOC and sell chocolates and can badges that use pictures drawn by children. Through these activities, NPO Kakehashi supports HOC.

Also, every year Ms. Ryoko Iwata comes to Japan with children of HOC, and we look forward to hearing her story and meeting her children.

Moriyasu WAKAO

Moriyasu Wakao
(Gifu, Japan: G+SPREAD CO., LTD.)

"I'm happy that I was able to meet the children, and through that, I'm happy that I was able to meet many people. I'm happy that it's connected to making my dreams come true. I'm grateful," says Ms. Iwata, who creates smiles and hopes for the children. Impressed, Respected, and Appreciated. I believe that making someone smile is a wonderful thing and the meaning of life, and that the mission of human beings is "kindness (acting for someone and the future)".

Ms. Iwata's café, the people who grew up in the orphanage working there, and using the profits for the orphanage are wonderful! I hope it spreads to the world. I strongly support Ms.Iwata!

Kouta Usui (Fukuoka, Japan: Former Traveler)

After graduating from high school, I started traveling around the world because I wanted to see a wider world. Then, when I was 21, I met HOC children. After that, I stayed at Noria Orphanage for one month every year when I went around the world after graduating from university. I spent time with them from good morning to good night, but they always cheered me up with their smiles. Now that I have a job, I can't go to Cambodia easily, but I spend my days thinking about the children of HOC from far away Japan.